Eid is just around the corner and I am finally ready to make some greeting cards for my friends and family. Ideally I would have wanted to have these ready and mailed out by now, but this Ramadan was the busiest one for me yet.

I am struggling trying to fit in time for my work while still trying to take advantage of the blessings of Ramadan. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has an extra busy schedule this month. Most of us try to pray tarawih and do extra hours of prayers throughout each night.

Since I’m pressed for time I thought this year I’ll make some very quick and easy Eid cards. You can too with the free printable that I created.

DIY eid cards with free printable
All you have to down is download the free printable, cut out the labels and get creative! If you don’t have any craft supplies at all you can still make a pretty Eid greeting card. Here is one I made with just a piece of cardstock, the printable and my pen!

Free Eid Card printable
I hope you have fun making cards. If you’re not muslim I encourage you to give an Eid card to the muslim people you know. It is a wonderful gesture that I think every muslim person out there would appreciate.

Free Eid Mubarak Labels

Click here for the free printable.




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